Friday, April 16, 2010


These are some places my name has appeared in the D&D community! There's been a few others, and I'll keep posting, but it's this kind of thing that keeps me motivated to strive to be a professional illustrator one day! Thanks for all of your support everyone!

1. & 2. Some words about this site and also some work I did for a D&D t-shirt.

3. My artwork used on the official D&D community page.

4. A shout out for the banner I did for the "Dungeon Master Guys" podcast on

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  1. I still think WotC should be using your work. At least in the DDi content if not in the books. Though books would be awesome. Your concepts could make for some more exciting minis also. They should release a line of fun concepts to go along with the serious concepts. The BardBarian would be awesome!