Friday, April 2, 2010

One Dang-Good Session!

Tonight's game of Dungeons & Dragons was one dang-good session. For starters it was really nice to get to play a character tonight, with my friend, Josh, taking the Dungeon Master's seat.
I chose to make a Minotaur Character, and I was insanely pleased with the results. Fisteron Shacklehand was his name, (please hold your applause until the end...) and being a brawling fighter was his game. I made him especially to grab the faces of baddies and hold them still. I even illustrated the concept here.

Two of the other guys at the table decided to play Bullywugs, which I have to admit, I thought that was going to be lame. I was so wrong. Jeremiah made a cleric that looked like a Bullfrog, and he even named him Jeremiah in tribute to the song my 3 Dog Night. ("Jeremiah was a bullfrog!") Chris made a Bullywug Monk that looked more like a black and blue tree frog, and that was just hilarious by itself. Chris was very clear that "Sammy", as he named him, was totally naked, but that no one should care, because he's a frog. I drew "the Bullywug Brothers here.

We also had a "pirate" on our little team, who managed to drink himself to a stupor and then almost get beat up by his own teammates within 24 hours of meeting the rest of the party.

We also had a human ranger and a shifter warden who lent themselves well to the team. I won't go into agonizing detail, but there was a lot of face grabbing and horn stabbing tonight. Oh yeah!

Between sliding down and fireman's pole and dragging a warforged guard all over the place, I would have to say it was one of the best games I've been able to play in. The roleplaying was great, the combat was fun, and most everyone really liked their characters. This is the kind of session I hope people have every time I DM.

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