Friday, April 9, 2010

My Minotaur Problem

Someone on twitter the other day accused me of having a Minotaur problem. Maybe they're right.

In a semi-unbiased way, the Minotaur race from Player's Handbook 3 has become a favorite because of the ability to make a character with bonuses in EITHER constitution or wisdom. I like this very much because I'm a fan of primal heroes, and I can customize my minotaur to whichever class I want to play. In short, they make good Barbarians, or good Seekers, as pictured above. Not many classes can do both!

What's your favorite thing about minotaurs?


  1. I do believe that I was the one that said that, but it was meant in jest, I believe that enthusiastic racial support can be a great fun.

  2. My problem with minotaurs ( and I don't mean to be a downer, I really enjoy your blog and your work) is their racial abilities are all based around being a melee combatant. While you can make a minotaur Seeker you'd rarely if ever use Goring Charge (probably never as a ranged attacker doesn't benefit from prone foes; and STR is unlikely to be a great stat) and you'd efectivly never use Ferocity.

    I really don't think minotaurs are as versatile as they should be.

  3. Countingku: yes, it was you. :)

    Fedora.Pirate: I understand they're not for everyone, though I have to say I disagree to your points as well. Seekers have abilities that allow them to use ranged attacks without provoking attacks of opportunity from adjacent targets, there's a free shift in there too if I'm not mistaken.

    Another thing is that even though you say minotaurs aren't as versatile as they should be, playing a Minotaur Seeker is a pretty versatile option if you want to play a character that can keep his distance, control the field and dish it out with basic melee when cornered. Goring charge is only an encounter power, so I usually save it for a dramatic finish or to come to the aid of another.

    It really all depends on your play preferences.