Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mini(s) of the day #4

Some standard "ninja turtle" style bad guys, complete with German Shepherd.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Characters

These are the rough initial drawings I did of my siblings' new characters. Final drafts to come.

Mini of the Day #3

This guy is from one of the time travel campaigns I did.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mini of the Day #2

One more of the d20Modern minis I made out of a plastic policeman. This guy is one of the first I made, before I decided that toothpicks would work as swords. Hence, the silver "gun" on his back.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homemade Mini of the Day #1 pic2

Homemade Mini of the Day! #1

There's no such thing as a d20Modern Mini, so I made some out of "modified" armyguys/cowboys&indians. That basically means I cut them up, glue them together, add toothpicks and what-not, and paint them.

Things that go "Hump Day" in the Night.

I just realized today that Daylight Savings Time starts on Halloween night! If demons are allowed to stalk the streets for that extra hour, who knows what craziness will unfold!?

I have so much to finish by this weekend. Not all responsibilities are Halloween related, because a weekend is still a weekend, and that means homework and regular work.

I'm still fiddling around with some more ideas for the d20 Halloween campaign, I'll post whatever else I come up with.

Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The End of Day 1

It's been a pretty eventful first day on a blog. 4 posts in 1 day isn't bad, is it? I'll try to be more organized in the future.

If you're reading this, I hope you'll check out the information about my Halloween d20Modern campaign. Thanks!

Happy Haunting!

Halloween Campaign Illustrations

These are some of the illlustrations that I've done for my Halloween d20Modern campaign. I use to just use illustrations to spice up my descriptions, but this guy gave me an idea for using them for initiative cards: Check it out!

Introduction to the Halloween Campaign

Since I got quite a few hits on my Monster Roster, I thought I'd include the introduction too. It's a little cheesy, but keep in mind I'm doing this campaign for my little brothers and sisters:

d20 Halloween Campaign

You all enter a metallic room from different doors, there's a circular table in the middle of the room with what looks like a large computer monitor built into the center. Other TV and computer monitors line the walls above the doors, all of them off.
A week ago you received a letter in the mail asking you to meet at this address at this appointed time. The letter had a plane ticket to Atlanta Georgia, and one thousand dollars enclosed. It said simply that more money would come your way if you agreed to come along. You can only assume that the others coming into the room got the same letter.
You can introduce yourselves.

The only door that hasn't been opened starts to creak. A sliver of dim light fall through the opening of the door. An average height man with average features and brown hair steps into the room, closing the door behind him. He nods to each of you, and sits at the table.
"Since you've probably all introduced each other, I'll skip right to why you are here. I represent Department Thirteen, and we take care of things that shouldn't happen. There is a situation in Eastern Europe that needs to be attended to. One of the small villages that our base buys vegetables from has become a ghost town. We first lost contact with them a month ago. When we sent agents to the town, we lost contact with them also. We received only this, a small satellite video. The image is so dark that it's virtually worthless, but the audio is what made us send for all of you."
The man pushes and invisible button near the screen in the middle of the table. The monitor comes alive with a static image. The volume must be on its maximum setting. All you can hear is "What are those things?!" and a mixture of scuffling, rusting, and gunfire. After a minute, only rustling can be heard, then only silence. The man pushes another button and the screen disappears.
"We want to fly you in to this small farming village in the mountains to find out what is going on. We've selected each of you for your skills and talents. We can't tell you what to expect, but we can promise a large payoff. Each of you should have already received a fraction of your payment in advance."
The man stands up and says, "You leave immediately. Follow me." He stands, walks to the door he came out of, and opens it wide. The room is flooded with light.
When your eyes adjust, you see a private jet on a landing strip.
What do you want to do?

The flight goes quickly, you land in a dark forest in a fortified military base. The walls are easily 40 ft high with razor wire along the top. You are rushed from the jet to a large helicopter. No sooner are you in the walls of the base, than the helicopter takes you right back out... deeper into the forested mountains.

The chopper touches down outside a small farming village. A wooden gate seems to close in the small cottages and fields. The sun has just set, and the only light comes from a waxing moon. The pilot says that she'll be back at sunrise to pick you up at this same place.

Halloween Campaign

I'm running a Halloween campaign for my brothers and sisters this weekend. If you want to throw something together, here are the examples of monsters I'm using:

Monster Roster:

Jack-o-Lantern Monster Hit die result 1
Tiny Sized, BAB +0, DEF 4, hp 12
Slam 1d3 Bite 1d6
FORT +2 GRAP -10 INIT +2
Special: No Massive damage threshold

Scarecrow Plant Monster Hit die result 3
Medium Sized, BAB +2, DEF 0, hp 15
STR 12 DEX10 CON12
Slam 1d6 Bite 1d3 Claw 1d4 Gore 1d6
Special: No Massive damage threshold

Scarecrow Plant Monster Hit die result 2
Medium Sized, BAB +1, DEF 0, hp 14
STR 12 DEX10 CON12
Slam 1d6 Bite 1d3 Claw 1d4 Gore 1d6
Special: No Massive damage threshold

Scarecrow Plant Monster Hit die result 8
Medium Sized, BAB +6/+1, DEF 0, hp 20
STR 12 DEX10 CON12
Slam 1d6 Bite 1d3 Claw 1d4 Gore 1d6
Special: No Massive damage threshold

Scarecrow Plant Monster Hit die result 5
Medium Sized, BAB +3, DEF 0, hp 17
STR 12 DEX10 CON12
Slam 1d6 Bite 1d3 Claw 1d4 Gore 1d6
Special: No Massive damage threshold

Great Pumpkin Monster Hit die result 21
Huge Sized, BAB +15/+10/+5, DEF -4, hp 41
Slam 2d6 Bite 1d6 Claw 2d4 Gore 2d6
FORT +12 GRAP +22 INIT -2
Special: No Massive damage threshold

The Gardener (Vine Armor) Hit die result 11
Large sized, +8/+3, DEF 2, hp 27
Slam 1d4 Bite 1d4 Claw 1d6 Gore 1d8
FORT +7 GRAP +10 INIT -1
Special: Regeneration-attacks below massive damage threshold don't do lasting damage, unless dealt by fire, the hp is regenerated each round. Trample-can run down enemies to do 2d4 damage; heroes can make a Reflex Save (DC 15) to take 1d4 damage instead.

I made this campaign about d20Modern monster hunters, clearing out an overrun town, but you can do whatever you want with this, obviously.

Happy Haunting!