Friday, June 11, 2010

Encounters Season 2, session 1: "Oh, Dang!"

I say "Oh, Dang!" because that was about how the entire encounter went. Our goal was to grab supplies from a busted up caravan and make for the hills before the silt runners could rob/kill us. In hind-sight, we probably should have done less supply grabbing and fighting and a little more running.

I played Shikirr the Thri-Kreen Battlemind, and I felt pretty prepared to handle my role as defender... until I became the first to drop below zero hit points. I lay dying on the battlefield until Castri the elf managed to drag me a few feet toward safety. By this point I had also broken my weapon already, but managed to grab a few bone spears off of fallen enemies. I luckily rolled a 20 on one of my death saves, and managed to escape with an ill-gotten 1 hit point by the end of it. Everyone else was not so lucky, though I did revive Castri somewhat while we watched Phye, Barcan and the Tiefling, whose name escapes me, Die with a capital "d".

Synopsis: 1. Dark Sun is brutal. 2. Dark Sun is awesome.

I love the setting, and I love that there was an instant scenario where I was forced into role playing, ie: Do I choose to run for it, or do I try to save my dying friends?

Our DM, Dylan, did an awesome job. It was his first time DMing at the comic book store, and he felt a little bad killing everyone, but all in all, he rocked it. I think if were to have a party vote, though, the d20 was using would be officially banned as a DM die. It was on fire.

My only hope as the group's defender is that I can hollow out some beetle or something later and adorn myself with some kind of chitinous heavy shield. The reach weapons I've been breaking/collecting so far are kind of counter-intuitive, considering most of a battlemind's marking abilities require you to be adjacent to your targets.

I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below! Did anything similar happen to your party?

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  1. The session I attended did not really demonstrate Dark Sun's deadliness to PCs. We all survived pretty handily and killed all the enemies, even though there was a storm bearing down on us. The DM did complain that his dice were failing him.