Monday, March 22, 2010

Which Character?

I've had a few different ideas for what kind of character I want to play for this weekend's D&D game, most of the ideas coming from Player's Handbook 3.

The first one is one I've already mentioned, the Druid/Shaman hybrid. The concept is that I want to be a bear that can summon a bear. The only foreseeable problem is that I might not be able to control the Spirit Companion bear without coming out of wildshape to use my implement, that's not a big deal though, considering I can just use a minor action to change back before controlling my bear buddy. I've already taken the feat that allows me to summon bear buddy as a free action.

The second idea comes largely from the character I got to play at Player's Handbook 3 Gameday on Saturday. This Character, however would be Handaxe-Throwing Spiritbond Seeker instead of a Bloodbond Seeker. Can't wait!

What do you think? Which character should I choose?

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