Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zombie Skills

Frequently, in Dungeons and Dragons games, and d20Modern/Apocolypse games, I find myself trying to incorporate Zombies. I've watched plenty of Zombie movies, but they all start to get the same... and my gamers can tell when they're running a stereotypical Zombiefest.

So, what's a guy to do? Well, I downloaded an app for my iPod Touch called "Zombie Skills". It's made by the same company that designed the much-used Tweetmic app. I payed the "astounding" one dollar thinking it was just a game. But OH, it is so much more.

Zombie Skills is a self proclaimed "Survival Guide" in case of Zombie Infestation. Not only is there an interactive handbook, but also a DAILY update to ensure the living keep on living. Example: "The smells emanating for a Bed Bath & Beyond store are repulsive to zombies and they will avoid it at all costs..."

There's a few games and activities on it that are pretty fun too. (I am especially addicted to the Zombie Escape Puzzle...)

I would totally recommend Zombie Skills to anyone who want to make a new/original zombie campaign, or anyone who thinks daily laughs are worth a buck.

Get the app here:

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